The Mad Monkey; Finding Virtues in Violence.

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Before you go any further, I must warn you, there’s no ultimate

method to the madness of what you are about to read here. These are

some of the stories that led me to become AbuAmerican and the man

that I am today. I will tell you my philosophy in relation to

interpersonal combat (read violence) and ~Apollyon~ (fictional

character and war master, For Honor) will hopefully encourage you to

go out and participate in and learn a real combat sport. Learning a

combat sport will permanently change you and your life in ways you

cannot anticipate before you begin, and all of these changes will be


All of the stories leading up to my philosophy are the events that

led to its (my philosophy’s) refinement. You must understand the

following, your philosophies and ideals are nothing if you do not have

the ability and both internal and external strength to defend and in

some cases enforce them. These strengths are like any other, they need

to be developed, honed and constantly reinforced throughout your life

and I will speak on this later in the book for absolute clarity in what I

mean. What you need to understand at this point is that you are not

truly free, nor do you truly own or have anything if you do not have

the capacity to protect it.

  • a story of how I became the man I am today (e-book)

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    130 MB
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    162 pages
  • a story of how I became the man I am today (e-book)
  • Size130 MB
  • Length162 pages


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The Mad Monkey; Finding Virtues in Violence.

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